Dust Monitor

Continuous dust checking takes a goliath jump forward!! Just our dust monitor can all the while measure both size and mass fraction that no other screen can function both. Our monitors are battery worked information logging, light-disseminating laser photometers that offer customers continuous airborne mass readings. These deploy sheat air framework that confine the airborne in the optics container to retain the optics clean for least handling and enhanced reliability. Our dust monitors are appropriate for harsh industrial workplaces, clean office settings, construction sites, environmental sites and different outdoor applications. In addition, our monitors measure aerosol impurities, for example, mists, fumes, smoke and dust.

Key Features:
  • At same time measure estimate isolated mass fraction concentrations
  • Programmed zeroing (with discretionary zero module) limits the impact of zero drift
  • Function in-line gravimetric examination for custom reference alignments
  • Manual and programmable information logging capacities
Product Image (PM 2.5)

Dust Monitor

Price: 128500 INR
Product Image (DSL 340 )

Dust Monitoring Systems

Price: 508000 INR
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1-2 Week
Product Image (ATS- 402 PL)

Dust Particulate Monitor

Price: 90500 INR/Set
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1-2 Week
Product Image (05)

Broken Bag Detector

Price: 58000 INR
  • Delivery Time:2-3 Week
  • Supply Ability:40 Per Week