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Dew Point Meters
Offered dew point meters are appropriate for application where estimated humidity is below 10%RH. In brief, our meters are handheld meters, modules and transmitters that are applicable from dry treatments to dry chambers and compressed air. Offered meters have integrated sensor with special mechanical calibration function. In addition, they offer quick response time.
Gas Analysers
Genuine time gas analysis improves product quality, throughput, safety, efficiency as well as guarantees environmental compliance that can simply be obtained through our gas analyzers. These can deploy numerous advancement such as gas analysis, dust monitoring, gas density systems and more. Extensively specific, analog and precise analyzers are developed for enriched samples and protected areas.
Portable Gas Monitor
Enhance laborers’ wellbeing with our hand-held and wearable portable gas monitors. These instruments plainly caution customers about potential dangers and empower them to make a move. Our systems can be multi-gas and single-gas monitors that are compelling for wider environmental, public event protection, gas and oil, plant overhaul, hazmat, response and industrial applications.
Moisture And Dew Point Analyzer
Analyzers are imperative for chemical and water processing plants, since they enable customers to effectively detect accurate and precise reading of any failure and operational status. Our dew point analyzers may be placed in remote locations or local to plants. They demand supply of dry purge gas and power so fast, precise readings are derived with some maintenance and service.
Dust Monitor
Provided dust monitors are deployed to measure aerosol solutions. The intake distinguishes the aerosol specimen as to keep optics chamber clean for reduce handling as well as increased reliability. Further, our monitors measure minute to huge particle size of impurities of aerosol comprising mists, smoke, dust and fumes. They provide long term and real time dust concentration measurements.
Gas Monitoring Systems
Provided gas monitoring systems can be introduced to offer nonstop, dependably on checking for poisonous gamma radiation and gases. Our systems can be effectively set up with their self-creating remote mesh arranges, and enable customers to make modified arrangements that can enhance security, encourage basic leadership, and speed reaction times.
Gas Leak Detectors
When customers are dealing with corrosive or dangerous gases, they always concern about leakage because this brings danger and sometimes, death along with it. Therefore, we offer gas leak detectors that effectively and precisely convey information about any minute and large leakage to the customers. Due to easy usage, customers can freely deploy our products.
Gas Transmitters
Gas transmitters have been intended to effectively permit the utilization of a solitary board to cover every indicator sort and range for harmful gasses, carbon dioxide, flammable gases and oxygen. Design is straightforward and snappy via UI. Offered transmitters are housed in a particular exceedingly non-conductive plastic and impact safe, static forestalling enclosure that is UV stable.
VOC Leak Detector
Offered VOC meters are the most reliable, sensitive and advanced handheld detectors accessible. These meters are able of indentifying even the tiniest impurities. They effective make complete VOC solution estimations, dew point temperatures, relative humidity, wet bulb temperatures and ambient temperatures. Further, provided meters have ability to add numerous data points.
Air  Quality Monitoring System
Our business is eager to report a genuinely handheld, versatile and particulate air quality monitor for precise and concurrent estimation in encompassing open air and indoor conditions. Good with different screens, our versatile particulate monitor will yield particulate issue matter continuously. Integral user interface makes our monitor simply usable in every field.